How to make P24,000 a day from Alliance In Motion (AIM) Global Marketing (Video)

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The title sounds absurd and I had the same thoughts the same first time I heard about it, but not after I understood how it can be done, which is why I now know that it is for real.

In fact, AIM Global Marketing produced more than 400 millionaires of its members and their testimonial videos will never lie, including former tricycle driver Leo Caduyat.

But first, you need to join AIM Global. You need to invest money, but will receive proven-effective health products and enjoy members’ benefits in return. This means that your money will not be put into a big risk, and may even give you financial freedom that you always wanted.

Before I continue, note that each new member or product package bought is equivalent to 1,200 points. This is very important to understand since there is where you can make P24,000 a day.

After registration, you are now entitled to practice the marketing techniques. You can start by attending free seminars and invited people to attend too. Of course, it would be better if you invite first the people that you know including your relatives, friends, office mates, neighbors, etc.

You only need two people to start with, one on your left and one on your right, or what is known as binary system. Right after they joined AIM Global, you will receive P2,500, which is P500 for each direct member and another P1,500 for the match.

Then, these two will also invite at least two others, which will be now your indirect downline. While your downline will also receive P2,500 by repeating what you did, you will receive another P1,500 for every match (left and right) made under your group.

The more people who will join under your group, the more matches you can make, and the more P1,500 you can earn, which will lead to your dream, making P24,000 a day from AIM Global.

By using simple math, you only need 16 matches a day to fulfill your dreams. P1,500 x 16 = P24,000!!! However, I am not saying that it could be easy and fast, since there is really no such as thing as getting rich quick.

Now, here might be your question. What if me and my downlines are not really that good in convincing others to join AIM Global? Can I still earn P24,000 a day? Of course, you can.

Read again the note I mentioned above, 1 product package is equivalent to 1,200 points. Therefore, you can also make P24,000 a day through accumulated points from products bought by you or your downlines anytime, with no expiration period or so-called “quota”.

This means that you can still make P24,000 a day from AIM Global without buying the products. But then, it is still better if you continue buying them. Besides earning 25% by being a distributor, you will keep yourself healthy by consuming them.

For more information, please feel free to send me an email at angelcuala[at]gmail[dot]com.

Meanwhile, below is the detailed (and entertaining) marketing plan video tutorial by Mr. Raymond "John" Asperin, Vice President for Marketing of Alliance In Motion Global, Inc.

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